Indoor & Outdoor Design Concepts for Home, Office & Hospitality.

Customer Service

Infinita Corporation distributes superior quality products for home, office and hospitality furnishing and re-modelling. Our product collections enrich our lives by design and functionality, offer wow-effects and also provide relaxation and fun. We maintain our relationships with the best suppliers so we can bring you luxury, eco-friendly products that enrich your everyday life both at home and at the office. We believe in our products and stand behind their durability. If something does break during shipping or early in the product’s life, we’ll ship you gratis parts for free.

Our Mission Statement

Infinita Corporation's communication and print materials is produced using only 100% recycled paper. Furthermore we re-use almost all of our inbound packaging materials for outbound shipments. Our re-seller pricing guidelines, ship-advice and invoices along with inventory status is exchanged online and saves thousands of pages printed every year. Conservation, sustainable growth and re-use of resources to our maximum ability is key in our business decisions.

Trade Orders

Orders placed with Trade Discounts (Design/Hospitality/Contract Accounts) constitute agreement to our terms & conditions. Trade Orders are shipped on term FCA (Free loaded on CArrier) and are subject to actual carrier charges unless Customer provides its own Freight Account/Prepaid Carrier Arrangements. Call us for quotes or if you wish to open your Account with us for preferred Trade Conditions.

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