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Choose from our top of the line cantilever umbrellas allowing large spaces be sun protected and providing extra comfort when the sun is out.

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The Nassau Cantilever Professional Umbrella Shade The Nassau Cantilever Professional Umbrella Shade
NASSAU Cantilever Umbrella 10x12ft Canvas White
Suggested Retail Price: $3,500.00
NASSAU Cantilever Umbrella 10x10ft Canvas White
Suggested Retail Price: $3,200.00
NASSAU is a very strong built Cantilever Shade System for commercial and high-end residential use.

We are fully aware that despite of our emphasis on careful handling and clear signage on boxes, carriers sometimes do not properly handle and may damage the item when handling. In case of small concealed damages or defective hardware, we do have repair replacement hardware available for fast replacement. This includes small parts, ribs, washers etc. along with entire crank & handle system, ribs and replacement canopy.

In case an item arrives showing a very distressed packaging, we urge consumers to not accept the shipment to avoid dealing with the aftermath what is called concealed damages. For any accepted delivery, the consumer is bound to the policy of the retailer for exchange, repair or other forms of compensation due to damages. Replacement incidents and factory defects (factory defects are responsibility of Infinita Corporation) will be addressed and managed with the support of our digital ticket system for proper documentation and exchange with the parties involved in the process. In case of a factory defect claim it is responsibility of the consumer to provide proof of purchase and proper images stating the factory defect.