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Exclusivity Made in Switzerland: Produced from best grained wood, beautifully crafted for design and longevity make the Linea & Contrast collections a preferred choice for the inspired chef - both at home or in the restaurant! There is a lot of thoughts in every item, and each of them is perfected in its build, unique and branded with a stamp.
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Maintenance of LINEA & CONTRAST Items, Made in Switzerland.
The manufacturer sources its pristine wood exclusively in Europe from sustainable plants and treats the wood for beauty and longevity.
All the wood boards (chop, cutting, table & cheese platters) are treated with an oil best suitable to be in touch with food (linseed oil). After use, make sure to rinse off residuals of food using only little dishwater soap, then gently dry off or place the board on its side up for best drying. Also, make sure to not place any metal objects over longer periods as these may leave stains that cannot be removed. From time to time, you may need to treat the wood boards with some surface oiling. Please never wash any of the items in the dishwasher, and never use disinfecting wipes as the chemicals destroy the bacteria of the wood (tannin) that n a t u r a l l y disinfect the boards.