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Interlocking Wall Panels made of Solid Recycle Wood

Thinking about painting some walls for a fresh & new look? Think twice - may we suggest another option with stunning results? FlexWall, inspired by Designers that like to work with natural materials, is a great option for a fast makeover allowing DIY for anybody.
The panels are made of solid recycle wood chips mounted on a plywood backing, allowing a quick placement on any reasonable leveled wall (drywall or masonry) using a strong adhesive glue. A simple Z-interlock shape guides the installer and intuitively shows the placement of any next tile, building from lower left bottom and moving to the right, then up the next row and so forth. With 9 tiles per sales unit you cover over 10sf (1m2) - so just measure your wall area to cover in square feet (m2) and divide by ten (multiply with 1) to find the amount of boxes you need for your project. Since you may need to cut some of the tiles, we suggest to add a plus 10% threshold for safety - you may return excess purchase back to us for full refund.

Need installation or decorating advice or have general questions, feel free to call us during regular business hours toll free at 1-888-688-4440.

A simple 1-2-3 DIY project. 1 - start from bottom lower left or right (depending on access to the wall) and 2 - continue all the way up, then 3 - see a beautifully finished wall.