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Our Trade Partners for best Consumer Value

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Infinita Corporation has a focused network of partners both on the Seller and Supplier side. This is what allows Infinita to provide without exception best-value quotes to our customers. As an importer, Infinita also has a growing collection of factory-direct items where the value proposition is by far the best in the market.

Given the retail market trends, Infinita Corporation has focused its retail collaboration with the strongest partners in the market that also provide the best service to consumers. For our modular concept product collections, we work with specialized re-sellers that consult consumers and show the product at their showrooms and brick&mortar locations. Call us to find out more about representation in your area.

Infinita Corporation's Distribution Hub Offering
Infinita Corporation is well connected in the North American market for home and office furniture, decking and wall-paneling materials along with lighting collections. Years of trade in these channels has generated a great network of re-sellers and contacts to the A&D industry.
Are you a manufacturer or distributor seeking a warehouse hub and market introduction support in South Florida? Here our offering you can benefit immediately:
  • Extremely short Go-to-market lead time
  • Daily inventory records to business partners
  • Very competitive fulfillment pricing
  • Excellent logistics and product packaging & handling knowledge of Infinita's staff
  • EDI platform to connect to large market players
  • E-mail marketing support (our contacts to Industry and A&D)
  • Re-seller account login for contents share of product lines
  • Google Adwords Campaigns and Google Analytics Tracking
And keep in mind - during business hours our phone lines are staffed with live operators, we do not believe in computerized phone option menus.
Call us toll-free at +1-888-688-4440 or +1-786-916-3001. Or you may e-mail to