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Enhance the beauty of your home with our amazing selection of indoor furniture! Any of our pieces will add character and depth to your home without breaking the bank. Our pieces are durable, well-made and, most importantly, affordable. Our luxury home furniture is practical in its use and fits well with any preexisting designs you already have in your home. Our pieces come fully assembled, shipped in one to two pieces, depending on their size, and are boxed in heavy-duty cushioning to avoid any damage during the delivery process. In each of our product descriptions, we have a short video that highlights the beauty and elegance of this high-end home furniture.

Infinita Corporation is the premier online store for all your home interior furniture needs. We have an incredible selection that is both charming and reasonable in price. Shop all of our exquisite pieces and fill your home with elegant furniture from Infinita.

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HALIFAX White Nightstand or Side Table HALIFAX White Nightstand or Side Table HALIFAX White Media CD/DVD Storage Case
HALIFAX White Wardrobe and Hallway Bench HALIFAX White Sinlge Tower Hutch Bookcase HALIFAX White Twin Tower Hutch Bookcase
HALIFAX White Drawer Chest HALIFAX White Storage Unit HALIFAX White Side Table or Nightstand
HALIFAX White Drawer Chest
Our Price: $843.00
HALIFAX White Storage Unit
Our Price: $393.00
Wickerworks 2-SET Rattan SALSA Chair Wickerworks 2-SET Rattan BISHOP Chair Wickerworks Rattan QUEEN Chair
The VOLT Stacking Dining Chair 4-Pack, made in ITALY Halifax Hutch Buffet for Kitchen, Living and Library Missoni Pillow Jarris Blue 16"x16"
HALIFAX White Hutch Cabinet
Our Price: $1,999.00
Missoni Pillow Jarris Monroe 16"x16" Missoni Pillow Jenkins Blue 16"x16" Missoni Pillow Jenkins Gold 16"x16"
Missoni Pillow Jenkins Plum 16"x16" MISSONI Kojda 16x16 Pillow MISSONI Kojda 24x24 Pillow
MISSONI Kojda 16x16 Pillow
Our Price: $420.00
MISSONI Masuleh 24x24 Pillow MISSONI Naima 24 x24 Pillow MISSONI Neda 24 x24 Pillow
MISSONI Neda 24 x24 Pillow
Our Price: $491.00
MISSONI Noceda 24 x24 Pillow MISSONI Provins 24 x24 Pillow