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Modern Modular Furniture by SYSTEM4

The SYSTEM4 modular furniture system consists of easily configurable modern steel and glass furniture pieces engineered in Switzerland. Its flexibility allows you to create a conceptual studio design in the office or home.

The flexibility of this modular steel furniture will not only make it easy for your unique design ideas to come to life, but will also allow you to easily change the configuration, whether you would like to achieve a new look or add more sections. The ease of assembly with provided tools will save you time, and custom accessories, such as drawers, locks and tilted doors will help you to match any custom storage needs.

The base of the SYSTEM4 modern modular furniture is a reinforced tubing frame made with quality steel that ensures its reliability. A number of glass panel options will complement almost any style of office, from conservative and classic to bright and modern. You can even mix the colors for a custom and unique look to your modern steel furniture set.

Designing your custom SYSTEM4 configuration is an extremely easy task. Simply download the free configuration tool, design your custom project, send us the .sy4 file, and we will provide you with the furniture solution that matches your unique needs.

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SYSTEM4 Sideboard and Credenza SYSTEM4 Sideboard and Credenza SYSTEM4 Sideboard Lowboard and TV Media Center Unit
SYSTEM4 Sideboard Bookcase and Credenza SYSTEM4 Large Bookcase with 5 Shelves

More about SYSTEM4

We encourage you to browse the Headquarters' materials and find more information about use, assembly and global support of the brand.