Install your Granite Deck with JOINTSTONE Interlocking Granite Tiles! Exclusively Distributed in North America by Infinita Corporation.

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With over six years of experience with interlocking flooring tiles, we are now expanding our collection to Granite Stone Interlocking Decktiles ! The same great Do-It-Yourself features, now available with Granite in Bright Gray Color.

JOINTSTONE - 4 Simple and obvious reasons:

#1 - Short project duration, no need for construction, permits. No dust, noise, no-shows of contractors etc. - very simple and fast do it yourself DIY process!

#2 - no matter how you do a deck, drainage, poddles and dirt are always issues you deal with traditional decks. Jointstone has excellent drainage and small dirt particles are flushed away by rain or hose, so you always walk on a clean and dry surface!

#3 - small accident, cracked a tile? No worries, just unsnap the broken tile and replace it with one of your spare - it's a 2 minute affair and your deck remains in perfect condition.

#4 - Change-friendly: want to extend your deck? Or change the layout? No worries with Jointstone, just get more tiles and continue expanding, changing as you wish.

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JOINTSTONE amazes with strength and simplicity at the same time: A deck can be layed within minutes! Each Granite Tile covers approximately one square feet and perfectly interlocks with the next tiles. Due to the weight of 7lbs (3.15kg) per tile, a deck becomes an almost permanent structure and will not shift or move, however still offering the big advantage to be moved or extended with ease! Use JointStone to cover any clean and flat surface, indoor or outdoor!
Key points:

  • Granite tile of 11 3/4" x 11 3/4" x 1" height (29x29x2.5cm)
  • Each tile has 9 square pieces and weighs 7lbs (3.15kg)
  • Standard box contains 6 tiles
  • Flamed finish to show the gorgeous color and structure of the granite stone while keeping the surface non-slippery
  • Interlocking PVC backing with two loop and two pin sides for easy snap-in
  • PVC backing can be cut to fit tiles into given spaces
  • Fill side gaps with pebble stones or marble chips or other stones for a nice finished look
  • No grout, no cement, no glue, no bolts required
  • CE Certified - CXMCP0912053
  • Distributed in North America exclusively by Infinita Corporation
Latest Update: 12/13/2014
Infinita - JointStone Interlocking Granite Tiles