FLEXDECK2.0 - Prestigious Professional Interlock Hardwood Deck Tiles for amazing natural Wood Decks!

Our clients decide for FLEXDECK and transform outdoor rooms to a prestigious quality time space, whether used commercially or residentially. The quality of FLEXDECK has a long success record and millions of square feet of outdoor space have been transformed by FLEXDECK, providing durable flooring with no need for maintenance and yet the unmatched feel of natural tropical hardwood: Temperature neutral, no splintering, soft in the touch.

FLEXDECK2.0 - The 2017 Collection:
Thicker wood slats now increased to 19mm; perfectly even slat spacing accross entire deck, reduced gap between slats, improved Polypropylene (PP) backing. A much more stronger and durable product than any other interlock deck tile offering in the market!

CLASSIC 4 SLATS 18x18" (45x45cm) >>Shop

CLASSIC 6 SLATS 18x18" (45x45cm) >>Shop

CLASSIC 4 SLATS 18x36" (45x90cm) >>Shop

CLASSIC 6 SLATS 18x36" (45x90cm) >>Shop

VARIANT 4 SLATS 18x36" (45x90cm) >>Shop

VARIANT 6 SLATS 18x36" (45x90cm) >>Shop

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